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Indonesia’s rural communities are often lacking access to free clean water. For low income families this often means the stress of finding the money to purchase water or relying on local water sources such as well and natural bodies. In coastal areas, wells are frequently leaching seawater; the consumption of which can lead to dangerous health outcomes.

What Indonesia does have, is an abundance of rainwater that falls from the sky, free of charge, for anyone who can collect it, filter it, and store it safely. That’s where the LTL team comes in to help out these communities in need. We approach the issue of clean water from the ground up, involve the local community and educate the youth about how it all works.

In 2014 LearnToLive has completed construction on a rainwater catchment system on the island of Siladen for a community of 300 people that previously had no access to clean drinking water. The crew of 9 was made up of Australian carpenters and coordinators, local Indonesian builders and American designers and volunteers. The community can now collect 10,000 liters of free rain water for drinking that they otherwise have to purchase from the mainland that would have to be brought by boat.

Along with the build we also taught a curriculum in the school about the build and the goodness of rainwater! We were thrilled to have the project partially funded by The Project Solution from New York and supported by Rios Clementi Hale Studios in Los Angeles.

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