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Hello friends!

I hope all is well with you wherever you may be in the globe. I am currently in South Africa with LearnToLive. I can’t quite believe LearnToLive has made it to this continent, it is incredible.

We were approached last year by an NGO Woza Moya here in South Africa to come and implement health care education, a health needs assessment on the populations they were serving and run wellness clinics for the vulnerable populations. 1 year later we are here! Woza Moya has been doing incredible work out here for 15 years, working in an area with the highest HIV population in South Africa. They service almost 20,000 people in the Ufafa valley through their programs. We are so thrilled to partner with them.

This week the LearnToLive team has-

Seen 200 patients. All with their own stories that are both amazing and devastating.

Ran 9 reproductive health education programs in schools.

Trained 30 Community care workers in health education including diabetes, diarrhea, TB and HIV.

Menstrual Hygiene workshops – making Days For Girls bags and distributing them.

Followed Community Care workers into homes to get a picture of life here in the Ufafa Valley. 

Debriefed every night with the team ensuring that all our experiences are recorded in order to develop meaningful programs to help Woza Moya in the future.

All this in 5 days! Crazy right!

I have an outstanding team of doctors and nurses from all over the world. They have all volunteered their time and financed their tickets to get here to implement and run our programs. They are such outstanding human beings.

This is where I need your help! We are trying to reach a goal of 10K next week on our online fundraising campaign: LTL SouthAfrica Fundraising Campaign .

Every single dollar goes directly into making LearnToLive South Africa possible –

Transport for our patients and giving them much needed food when they come to our clinics.

Transportation and food for the community care workers that normally would not have the funds to access such in depth training or clinics.

Helping Woza Moya continue to fund their after school programs.

Room and board for the LTL team to keep them fit and healthy.

Thank you for your generosity. Means the world to me and my team. It is people like you that enable LearnToLive to reach so many people in need in the world.


Yanti x