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LTL Kenya Application Is Now Open!

LearnToLive is excited to announce its newest partnership with Kenya-based Matonyok Nomads Development Organization (MANDO) & US-based Mama Maji. Together, the three organizations will coordinate to construct a 20,000 litre interlocking brick water storage system in the Rift Valley, Kenya. In addition to establishing a much needed water source, this collaborative project will also elevate the growth of a social enterprise built by and for local Masai women, the Maji Mamas.

LearnToLive is looking for volunteers to work alongside the Maji Mamas to construct the water system, from bottom to top.

**Please note that this is a manual labor project. The team will be staying on-site, (way out) in the remote regions of the Rift Valley for the duration of the project build. The days will be long, hot and challenging, yet rewarding. Due to the special demands of this program, volunteers are required to have open mind, with an extra measure of flexibility, resilience and humility.**

Program Dates: October 6 - 14, 2018

Program Cost: USD $1,100. Program fee covers airport transfers, transportation, accommodation, food and water for the duration of the program. Volunteers are responsible for covering their own airfare/transportation to Nairobi, Kenya.

Interested? Fill out an application below! Application closes August 24, 2018

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