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We want to extend our sincerest gratitude to you for donating to our 2012 Indonesian Health Initiative. Thanks to you and your generous gift our fundraising efforts were an enormous success. In fact, in just over a month we were able to raise $9,060, exceeding our campaign goal of $8,500.

With your support, we operated four healthcare clinics and addressed the most prevalent health issues in North Sulawesi Indonesia. Further, your support enables us to continue our long term goal of empowering the people of Indonesia to live long and healthy lives. We are awed by your generosity, and are profoundly thankful for your faith and confidence in us.

Our Indo team starts heading back in a couple of days and we’ll be posting photos and videos over the next couple of weeks. Thank you again for joining us in our campaign and please join us in the Fall for our annual LearnToLive Exhibit Night, where we will showcase the extraordinary work our of our healthcare workers through the eyes of our Artists in Residence from the 2012 Indonesian Health Initiative.


The LearnToLive Team