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Sulawesi, Indonesia was hit by a tsunami on Friday, following a series of high magnitude earthquakes and aftershocks. The extent of the damage from these events is not fully known yet because communication with the affected region is still spotty, but from what we have learned so far, it is catastrophic.

This particular tragedy hits LTL hard. Our founding program started in North Sulawesi in 2012, and we have been there ever since. Our Indonesian team members are all safe, but many are in a delicate state as they await news of their friends and family who were in the impact zone. Although this is a devastating time for the LTL community, we are not resting.

If you know LTL, you know that we are already mobilizing into action.

At the current time, government search and rescue operations are still underway. Roads are destroyed or blocked by landslide debris and so the affected areas remain largely inaccessible. There are mass casualties and the only remaining medical facility was heavily damaged and is operating at 20% capacity. The medical staff is overwhelmed and has already run out of supplies and clean drinking water.

Our Indonesian based team is gathering supplies and recruiting local medical volunteers. As soon as they are able to gain access, they will bring the much needed supplies and medical support.

Please Support Sulawesi by making a donation to LTL. Funds will be sent directly to our team on the ground in Indonesia so that they may bring medical care and supplies to the affected communities in Central Sulawesi.

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