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To create efficient, safe and sustainable water solutions for communities where access is a burden

Information and Aims

LearnToLive seeks to provide a source of clean water to communities that currently lack access to this vital resource. Water access directly impacts the health of entire communities, with effects extending beyond the drinking cup to sanitation, hygiene, education, productivity and equality.

In researching and implementing each project, we work with more and more communities who are systematically excluded from access to basic and essential resources for healthy living. We hope each project increases access to water and sanitation for all, and contributes to a vision for universal and equitable access to safe and affordable water.

The majority of our water projects are implemented in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Currently, communities in North Sulawesi typically have access to well water that, due to drainage problems exacerbated by insufficient infrastructure, typically suffer from significant infiltration from both seawater and local septic systems. For many, the only safe option is bottled water which can be prohibitively expensive for an average family.  North Sulawesi averages over 3000mm of rainfall per year, therefore a sustainable form of rainwater catchment and filtration system is a viable option for most communities.

Each Water System is constructed on the grounds of a local school and has an accompanying education curriculum. Workers from within the community are hired and encouraged to spearhead the majority of the build to ensure a community understanding of the fundamentals of the build process and community members are provided with a simple step by step construction guide as to how they may replicate the system in their own home.

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