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Physiotherapist Jess’ Story

“This past year in Indonesia, we visited a lady from the Island of Nain at her home. We found her in critical condition post a major stroke, which had led her to fall and fracture her leg. From the stroke and fracture, she was unable to move and had been lying on the floor for a month. This led to further complications, including malnourishment and the development of a significant pressure sore, which required immediate hospitalization and surgery.

Her family was unable to access transport to the mainland because of financial limitations, and so, we coordinated a transfer by boat to the capital Manado to take her to the local hospital. We managed to bring the lady, with the help of other neighbors, to the boat on a makeshift stretcher – a wooden door.

This year, I returned to the Island of Nain with the team, and we visited this same woman’s home. We were unsure what to expect, given her significant condition this past year. To our delight she had made incredible progress. The lady had undergone surgery on the mainland with good results. She was now much stronger, and although she was still unable to walk, she was able to sit up in a chair. Because of this, she was now a candidate for rehab, and we excitedly provided her with some exercises to improve her strength. We also provided her with a wheelchair so she can access her community, which is so important socially and emotionally – also pathways to healing. The family was incredibly grateful for our help!

 I feel like stories such as this reflect the immense resilience of these communities. LTL has been fortunate enough to facilitate access to health care for this woman and her family. After working with her last year, when she was so critically unwell, it was an incredible feeling to see her again this year, sitting up, healthy, bright and smiling!”

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