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This year marks our 9th year of operations. We’re excited to launch an ultrasound program, a new partnership in sub-Saharan Africa, and much more. Here’s what’s on the horizon.

In April, we’ll hold our capacity-building program for our local health care workers in Indonesia, where the focus will be on the treatment and prevention of diabetes, hypertension, and emergent critical care practice in remote areas. The training will take place in North Sulawesi, Indonesia

In June, we’ll kick off our pilot ultrasound program in North Sulawesi, our much-anticipated program where we will be working with one or two health champions and we will upskill and train them on how to use ultrasound to save lives. Simultaneously, our clinical mentor program will take place in North Sulawes, Indonesia where 22 international and local healthcare workers will train together to implement acute & chronic health clinics to remote communities in north Sulawesi Indonesia.

Later on in the summer, we’ll start our Reproductive Health training in partnership with The Adventist Development and Relief Agency, here we will be continuing our reproductive health training in schools and capacity building midwives in reproductive health and pre natal care.

We’re excited to announce a still-in-development partnership with a program developing in Sub-Saharan Africa, where our womens health component of training will be implemented. It is early days, so stay tuned!