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The LearnToLive crew have hit the ground running in North Sulawesi this month for our fifth annual Indonesian Health exchange. In just three short weeks 48 volunteers from Australia, America and Indonesia will provide primary health care, early interventions and health education to over 1000 patients across 7 villages in North Sulawesi.

We’ve expanded to two new communities this year, with our team of local and international doctors, nurses, public health professionals, nursing students, resident psychiatrists, engineers, builders, interpreters and volunteers working tirelessly to reach even more people who have never in their lives seen a doctor or had the opportunity to learn about their health and wellness.

Alongside the health clinics, our clean water team are working on two simultaneous builds on the remote island of Nain. They are constructing site-specific rainwater catchment and filtration systems at two schools on the island, where sanitation facilities are poor and current access to clean drinking water is virtually non-existent.

We’re thrilled to be back in Indonesia, continuing to strengthen our partnerships with local communities and helping them maintain ownership over their own health and wellbeing. To help us on our quest to teach people today to change tomorrow, donate to LearnToLive now: