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Today we launch our 2013 StartSomeGood campaign. It is because of your generous support that we have been able to grow our programs in Indonesia over the last two years.

This year we plan to see, treat and provide comprehensive health education to the people in the villages of Sapa, Beringin, Likupang, Bunaken and an additional community on the remote island of Siladen. We are estimating that we will treat almost 3000 people this year. We will also be initiating our Clean Water Program, and we will be building our first Rainwater Catchment Systems. We have had a brilliant team of all volunteer architects, designers, and water engineers working on a radical new affordable way of providing safe clean water to these remote areas, the design of which is simple and affordable enough that we will be able to teach local people how to build their own systems from our example. Our first system will be built at the junior high school in Sapa, and will coincide with our ‘Water for Life’ curriculum. This is a 2-day intensive education program for the students at the school, which will educate them about the importance of clean water, the health benefits associated with it, and how to build their own Rainwater Catchment System using local resources.

We are also excited to launch our Student Field Training Program. These volunteer students will gain invaluable hands on experience working with professionals in the field, and will play key support roles on our team.

Spread the love with your friends and family.