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At LearnToLive, we’re teaching people today to change tomorrow. You’ve helped us educate over 4,000 rural Indonesians about issues affecting their health. Over the past four years, we’ve seen a significant positive change in the way the people in North Sulawesi think about their diets, heart health, and family wellness.

You are helping us improve people’s health everyday, and we can’t thank you enough for supporting our goal to accomplish this. Your selflessness is what makes our work possible, and that’s why we’ve called on you to support us on our next endeavor.

This October, LearnToLive is excited to launch our first program in South Africa supporting another population in need. We’ll be partnering with Woza Moya, an NGO integrating health, sanitation, and child care to support those living with HIV and AIDS in the Ufafa Valley of rural Kwazulu Natal, where 78% of the village’s population has tested positive for the disease.

Despite its rapid growth and development, South Africa still has the highest rate of HIV prevalence in the entire world. Lacking health education and resources, nearly all South Africans have been affected by the disease, including the millions of children who have been orphaned or have contracted the disease from parents.

LTL’s team of doctors, nurses, and public health professionals will be conducting surveys  to determine how we can best serve the people of the Ufafa Valley. Our goal is to incorporate reproductive education in four local schools, provide menstruation hygiene kits, implement capacity building programs for community health workers, and offer wellness checkups for grandmothers caring for children orphaned by HIV and AIDS.

And with your help, we can make this program—and many more to come—an overwhelming success. LTL’s goal is to raise $10,000 by October 26th, in direct support of the South African Health Initiative. Donated funds will be contributing to the costs of medical supplies, health education materials, translators, and ground transportation.

Will you join us in improving the lives of those in South Africa as they combat the pervasiveness of HIV and AIDS? As a huge thank you from us, we’ll send you our LTL t-shirt for donating over $100, a handcrafted South African sock monkey for donating over $200, or both gifts for donating over $500.

No words could ever describe how grateful we are to have your support. You make our work at LearnToLive possible. Thank you!


The LTL Team