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In preparation for our upcoming build of the Rainwater Catchment System on Bunaken Island, we’ve recently sent a small team to liaise with local government and assess the building site at the local school.

Here’s a note from our project coordinator, Heath McIvor:

After a whirlwind trip to North Sulawesi this week, the LTL Sustainable Water Team are excited to be moving onto the design stages of our 2015 Rainwater Catchment Build at the elementary school on Bunaken Island. We evaluated the site, met with representatives from the village, the school and the education department and got the official green light from everyone to begin work on the project.

Once installed, the system will provide clean drinking water for several hundred students and villagers and act as an education tool to encourage the use of rainwater catchment and filtration systems on the island. Stay tuned for more news about this project as it moves from proposal to┬ádesign. Elizabeth Chen, this year’s LTL Water Designer will be taking it from here!