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Project Type



To provide health services directly to individuals in remote and resource poor communities

For many people around the world, immediate access to medicine and medical services is simply not available. To facilitate access in communities that lack it, we coordinates visiting volunteer clinicians and local medical professionals to bring health services directly into the community. Our field clinics provide an array of health services for individuals who would otherwise go without.

LearnToLive’s health programs vary in size and scope. Our program In North Sulawesi, Indonesia is the largest and offers an array of primary, emergent and chronic healthcare services. The program typically runs for three weeks annually in June/July and serves nine communities (~900 patients). Typical health services offered as part of our field clinics in Indonesia include: wellness exams, prenatal exams, dental care, chronic disease diagnosis & management, physiotherapy, mental health counseling, pediatrics, well baby checks.

Our health programs outside of Indonesia tend to be much smaller. We depend on the guidance and resources of our in-country organization partners to determine the level of services appropriate for their communities. Examples of some of our smaller programs include the Gogo (Grandma) Wellness Clinic and Kids Wellness Clinic with Woza Moya in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Upcoming Programs

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