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Health Education

Project Type

Health Education


To increase knowledge and build skills to positively impact personal and community health

Information and Aims

Health education is necessary part of individual and community health, and therefore an essential component of our programming. Increasing the understanding of basic health concepts and issues is often a key motivator for improving, restoring and maintaining positive health outcomes. We provide interactive health education for individuals and groups alike, in both clinical and community settings.

LearnToLive gives individualized health education to patients as part of its direct healthcare services. Beyond the clinician-patient scenario, our health education programming takes many forms…

  • Reproductive Anatomy & Menstrual Hygiene, students 13- 18 years, Xiengkuong Province, Laos
  • Healthy Pregnancy & Newborn Care, women in remote communities, Xiengkuong Province, Laos
  • Reproductive Health & STI’s, students 11-16 years, Xiopo, South Africa
  • Alcohol & Domestic Violence, community men’s group, North Sulawesi, Indonesia
  • Understanding Diabetes & Hypertension, patient groups, North Sulawesi, Indonesia
  • Clear Eyes for Kids (how to deal with eye infections), mothers’ group, Najile, Kenya
  • Handwashing & Making a Tippy Tap, kids groups, North Sulawesi, Indonesia
  • Harm Reduction & Safer Sex, Woza Moya youth group,  Xiopo, South Africa
  • Self Care & Minding Your Health, Gogo group, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

Upcoming Programs

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