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Woza Moya and LearnToLive partnered for the second time in October this year to bring healthcare and healthcare education to the people of the Ofafa Valley, South africa. The LearnToLive team consisted of 11 healthcare workers from Australia, The USA, and other parts of the world.

LearnToLive and Woza Moya trained their community health care workers in the leading illness issues in the Ofafa area, and facilitated discussions on how to overcome the challenges. LearnToLive participated in the AGM highlighting the need for the youth of the area to be able to have conversations about sex, consent, sexual health and STI’s. One on one counseling for the youth who attended was also provided. We went to three different high schools in the Ofafa area to implement a LearnToLive developed reproductive health education. This interactive education encourages students to learn about and then recreate a human bodies anatomy, as well as comfortably talk about sex, sexual health and safety. Finally, LearnToLive ran a free wellness clinic for dozens of patients in the area, including many of the older women who are the backbone of the community. Our days together was an enriching time for the communities we worked with, for LTL and Woza Moya staff to learn so much from each other, and a reminder of what a great complementary partnership we’ve created.