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Read the following to see if you’d be a good fit for our team of driven, fun loving, hard working people!

Applications due application is April 15th.


LearnToLive health initiative 2013 will take place from July 27th to August 15th of this year. We give preference to those who can be a part of the entire journey from start to finish. Plan to leave the US ahead of schedule and stay on with us until we conclude our work. We will recommend particular flights into and out of Manado so our team can stick together.

Overall Requirements/ Personality Considerations/Trip Conditions:

We are looking for flexible and intuitive individuals who will take initiative and roll with the punches: MDs, RNs, Eye Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacy Assistants,  and generally radical people. Our work in North Sulawesi can be unpredictable, so it’s not for everybody, but it is sure to be a fulfilling experience for those with a can do attitude.  You will be spending 20 days in North Sulawesi Indonesia with a team of about 40 people from all over the world. We will be base-camping at accommodations in the Manado area and driving to and from each of the 4 villages every day we have a clinic. A clinic will typically run for 3 days, then we will have a 2 day break in which we will resupply, travel to our next destination, and have a few planned field trips. We will spend a considerable amount of time traveling to and from the villages on subpar roads so keep this in mind of you get motion sickness.  You will be expected to conduct yourself in a manner that is culturally sensitive and respectful for the land and the people of Indonesia.


Passport is required for travel to Indonesia. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry to the country. A 30 day visa for travel to Indonesia can be obtained upon arrival. Please also obtain personal travel insurance for this trip, as you will be required to sign a liability waiver upon acceptance to the team. Although no vaccinations are required for travel to Indonesia, we will advise which are recommended.

Financial contribution:

All hotel accommodations and 3 meals a day will be planned for the team.

A $500 volunteer participation fee will be collected from each participant to cover partial room and board and travel within North Sulawesi.  All other travel expenses into and out of Manado will be the participants’ responsibility.  Student program fee- $1350.00


We would love to receive your applications by April 15th.  If you think you’re ready, show us your stuff! We can’t wait to hear from you! We will be in touch after the 15th of april you will contacted.