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The Tomohon Project

A LearnToLive community based mental health initiative.



Region / Location

North Sulawesi


LearnToLive has partnered with the Tomohon Provincial Government and Tomohon Community Health to establish The Tomohon Project, a Community Mental Health Center for the people of North Sulawesi.

Team / Volunteers

Adam Blake and Erik Kinzie lead the rotating team of mental health residents as well as liaise with local clinicians and government health representatives to provide referral services to community members in need.

Project Detail

In July 2014 our team of LearnToLive mental health specialists worked with rural and remote communities in North Sulawesi to collate data on the prevalence of mental illness, perform a needs assessment and commence consultations for at risk patients. Our research and assessments identified a significant need for ongoing mental health care with evidence of serious mental illness identified in 10 – 15% of all patients screened.

Services for community mental health are extremely limited or non-existent due to a multitude of factors. A shortage of providers, geographical constraints and cultural understandings of mental health and associated stigmas create numerous barriers to care

With the development of The Tomohon Project, LearnToLive will work closely with local practitioners to deliver individualised care plans based on patient and family needs, inclusive of assessment and formulation, medication review and management. Consultations are delivered in a culturally sensitive manner, utilising existing resources in the community. Regular collaborative care planning and education aims to reduce referrals to Ratumbuysang Psychiatric Referral Hospital, foster increased awareness and support, developing improved early detection, prevention, treatment and recovery for the communities of North Sulawesi.

Participants of The Tomohon Project will work with local health services and government health workers. Services will be located in the Provincial town of Tomohon, as well as the capital of Manado and the communities serviced by the Indonesian Health Initiative. LearnToLive has previously conducted research in these areas in response to increased notifications of psychiatric illness and limitations in care during our medical clinics. We will continue to build on such research, providing ongoing opportunities to assess community responses to mental illness, addictions, lifestyle, socioeconomics and stigma.

Education is a major focus of The Tomohon Project and participants will have opportunities to facilitate local and regional community forums and education sessions relating to mental health and psychiatry as well as awareness, stigma and prevention in schools, local churches and universities. Additionally we will provide post-graduate seminars to the Sam Ratulangi University Medical School and Bethesda School of Nursing. The Tomohon Project is currently developing collaborative ties between Australian and US providers and the local Schools of Nursing and Medicine, the Provincial Regional Psychiatric Hospital, and the National Hospital.

Aims / Results


psychiatrist for every 200,000 people in 50% of the world.

450 million

people across the globe suffer from mental illnesses.

Project Updates

On the Ground in Indonesia

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Adam works with patient in Likupang

The Tomohon Project – Applications Open!

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If you would like to work with a collaborative, sustainable and secular international non profit organization, offering opportunities in rural and remote North Sulawesi, The Tomohon Project will provide a cultural learning exchange unlike anything else. From consultation to the classroom you will be working with local clinicians with local resources to achieve positive outcomes.

If you are a Resident, Psychiatrist or Nurse Practitioners specializing in mental health then we want to know!

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