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Engineer or Builder

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN giving the gift of water?

Water is a key program driver for LearnToLive.  We are always on the lookout for people to help us in our mission to bring more water to more people in more countries around the world.

Do you have skills in building, design or engineering?  Do you want to be part of the super cool water team? See below to apply for an upcoming build!


The aim of the Water Program Builds are to establish an efficient and sustainable safe drinking water supply in the form of a functional, low-maintenance rainwater catchment and filtration system that is used and maintained by community members.

Being a part of the water team means you will live and breath the water team! You will house, build, eat and drink together for almost three weeks. Prior to departing you will be given an in-depth manual outlining the work to be done as well as scope.  The days consist of on-site building, filter media cleaning, plumbing, drinking lots of water so you don’t become dehydrated and immersing yourself in the life of the community.

Community partners and our leadership appoint a Water Team comprised of individuals who will be on the site daily during the build and who will be the primary caretakers of the Water System during its operation. Our Water Team typically consists of the following:

+Lead builder


+Project manager

**Community liaison


+Water engineer


*Construction worker

*Construction worker

+Construction volunteer

*Team members marked with single asterisk are required to be local to the community. They live in the village where the Water System is constructed and will be a resource for community members who use the system and who are interested in building their own domestic scale water system.

** Team members marked with a double asterisk are required to be personally familiar and have an intimate knowledge of regional Indonesian culture, language and customs. They are not required to live in the community where the Water System is constructed. The Community liaison is tasked with ongoing checkups to ensure proper operation.

+Team members marked with a plus may or may not be from the regional area.


The opportunity to work in a team and collaborate with a community to create a new water source for drinking, bathing, washing clothes and easing the burden of limited water access.

Open Positions

We have no positions available right now. Give us your email and we’ll let you know when something comes up.