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Creative or Artist

Are you interested in helping us tell our story?

A story can be told in so many ways. A photograph, a film, a comedy sketch, a painting, a song. They all have the power to evoke, inspire and hit you right in the feels, while somehow helping you understand more about life & the world in which we live.


Our Artist In Residence program was developed because many of our LearnToLive community members are practicing artists. We believe that our mission and our story should be told in creative mediums like photography, song, painting, writing, dancing or whatever way will work!

Currently the Artist In Residence program is only offered in Indonesia.  The Artist in Residence (AIR) works/plays/creates with the Indonesia team for the duration of the program, typically three weeks in June/July.  After the program concludes, the AIR develops project that tells the story of the LearnToLive experience.

Past AIR projects include: a short documentary film, a stand-up comedy routine, a photography series, a comedic short film.

If you have an artsy idea for us, we’d love to hear it!


Jumping in with our crew and seeing the world differently after experiencing first hand the life of a LearnToLive clinic and the life of our communities. A new perspective generates inspiration and drive and we think being our Artist in Resident will do just that!

Open Positions

We have no positions available right now. Give us your email and we’ll let you know when something comes up.