"Wine should be an ever present companion to daily life and monumental occasions alike; Harry & Frankie can help you with both!

Wine without food is a little like bacon without eggs; thus, we've created a menu featuring top quality charcuterie and cheese, wine friendly sharing dishes and regularly changing mains.

Our shelves, cabinets and fridges are packed with over 600 wines, beers and ciders and the opportunity is there to explore through regions and producers, both classic and innovative. 

Come and see us at either of our wine bars, in Port Melbourne or Fitzroy!"

Laurie Curran Water Pty Ltd is a process engineering firm specialising in design and construction of water and wastewater treatment facilities in Australia and the subcontinent.


Well known throughout Australia for its expertise in the Dissolved Air Flotation and Filtration process, the company’s range of processes extends across a broad range of technologies including various potable and wastewater treatment technologies, water stability treatment, reverse osmosis, activated sludge systems and all the various sub-technologies around those processes.


Bushmans Tanks is Australia’s the leading manufacturer of water tanks, rainwater tanks and industrial tanks. We pride ourselves on our excellent quality tanks and our nearly 30 years’ industry experience. Our range is extensive including poly and steel liner water tanks for a range of applications in rural, industrial and urban settings. Bushmans tank sizes range from 720L to 363 000 L and includes round, modular, slimline, tall or squat tanks. 

For over 17 years, Database By Design have helped Australian businesses evolve their operational software systems with the latest technology in the market. Our specialised understanding of data management allows us to craft efficient and user oriented solutions that provide powerful analytics and insights to your business operations. We specialise in Microsoft based Desktop, Web and Mobile Application Development.

Think of a kompartment as a kind of virtual diary and filing cabinet for every aspect of your life. Use kompartments for personal projects, kids, work projects, renovations, committees, teams or anything else going on in your life, and share calendar events, files, tasks, chat and images, in real-time, with the other people who need the information. 

All of a sudden, by managing life one kompartment at a time, you can be the organised person you want to be. 

Available in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and on the web at

Highview Accounting & Financial, located in Cranbourne, Prahran & Mornington, specialise in providing highly personalised accounting, financial planning, finance, insurance and bookkeeping services. 

With more than 26 years’ experience, our team of professionals are committed to helping you achieve your financial goals, offering advice and guidance through the entire business and personal life cycle.


Preston Rowe Paterson is a firm of property valuers, analysts, advisers and consultants who operate out of 24 offices across metropolitan and regional Australia and 4 offices in New Zealand.  

We aim to provide superior property advisory services, specialising in valuation, property and asset management, facilities management, transaction management, consulting and property market & economic research, across a variety of property classes, including residential, commercial, retail, industrial and special purpose properties.  

At Preston Rowe Paterson, we have property covered.

Goulburn Valley Water provides water and wastewater services to 54 towns in the Northern Country region of Victoria, servicing over 50,000 households and over 134,000 people.

Water is sourced principally from the Goulburn/Broken, Murray, Steavenson, Rubicon and Delatite River systems and a number of smaller local streams such as Sunday Creek and Seven Creeks. Goulburn Valley Water operates 37 Water Treatment Plants and 26 Wastewater Management Facilities.