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LTL Story Tellers : Amanda Clifford & Alex Willson

Amanda Clifford loves to tell stories. After working in the commercial and narrative realms of film she had a strong sense that something was missing. Documentary filmmaking gave her the chance to tell real stories about real people, stories that could provoke change, stories that needed to be told for the benefit of their subjects. Creating media for non-profit organizations was the next logical step. Amanda signed on to shoot the first clinics in Indonesia in 2012 and has since risen to lead the Creative & Media Departments at LearnToLive. Amanda strives to show the world the kind of impact a group like LTL can have through short documentaries.

Alex Willson is a documentary filmmaker, adventurer, and world traveler. He has spent years traveling the globe trying to absorb everything it has to offer and teach. Besides directing and producing documentaries he also is an avid shooter and photographer. He has produced and directed documentary content for a number of non for profit organizations in several different countries including India, Cambodia, and Indonesia. He has also co-produced two feature length social documentaries. He spent many years working in the film industry, but left all of it behind to focus on working with non for profit groups and charitable causes.

View all the films they’ve created for LearnToLive at their website here.